Becoming a Church Member

You will bring your faith to life as you join other Christians who share your values and spiritual goals!  Membership is more than simply a statement of where you worship, it is a commitment to the mission and ministries of First Southern Baptist Church.  Members serve together as we experience intimacy with God, influence in our community, inspiration across the nation, and impact in the world with the Gospel of Christ!  As you connect with this local body of believers, you can develop a deeper sense of significance and belonging in the family of God. 

How does one become a member of our church?

1. Baptism: Upon Salvation (Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior) one should be baptized. Baptism is by immersion and for the purpose of stating one is saved. NOT as part being saved.  Being baptized by our church automatically makes one qualified for membership

  a. If a member of a church of a different, denomination, we require one to be baptized. By doing this the individual is making a statement of agreement of beliefs. There is biblical precedence Acts 19:1-7

2. Letter of Membership: Change of membership from another church of like faith (ie.. Baptist). Upon requesting membership into our congregation, we will send a letter of request to your former church for a letter of membership. When received, membership will be gladly approved.

3. Statement: Due to churches occasionally disbanding, receiving a letter of membership is impossible. So on those occasions we will accept a statement of assurance from the individual coming for membership that he or she is saved and has been scripturally baptized by a church of like faith (Baptist).

 During an invitation time you may present yourself for membership.