Church Marriage Policy


Our statement of faith, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, expresses our fundamental biblical conviction that Christian marriage is, by definition, the spiritual and physical uniting of one man and one woman in an exclusive covenant commitment for their joint lifetime. Christian marriage is God’s unique gift to reveal the union between Christ and the church. As such, this local church (First Southern Baptist Church of Arcadia Oklahoma), believes that wedding ceremonies on church property shall be officiated by one or more ordained ministers of the Gospel. The church may decline to make its facilities or ministers available for any wedding if it is determined that one or both parties are not biblically and/or legally qualified to marry. Such determination may be made by the pastor, deacons or church council, subject to the direction of the church.

  No minister (or employee) of the church shall officiate at any marriage ceremony unless it is consistent with this policy.

  June 2020  
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