Leader: Bill Stephens

The biblical office of Deacon is more than a title of prestige. It is position of service to the Lord and His church.  Any man that services as a Deacon, takes the ministry seriously and depends upon the Holy Spirit of God to guide Him in his ministry of service.

The primary work of the Deacons, are to take care of the physical needs of the congregation. Though they are spiritual servants, they serve the people on the earthly level, so as to free the pastor to spend time in study and spiritual endeavors. A key part of the Deacon’s ministry is benevolence. Anytime a person or family in the congregation or community is in need, the deacons can be called upon to assist. Also these men are aids during baptism and Lord’s Supper.


Our Deacons are: Jim Hiel, Sid Chartney, Rob Precure and Donald Stickley


  June 2020  
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