Sunday School

Leader: Del Gheen

Sunday School is a vital ministry of the church, it is both educational and evangelistic. It is for every age and for both the person who has been in church for years and the novice. We invite you to be a part of a small group bible study, though the adult classes are divided by age, you are encouraged to find the one you are most comfortable.


Lord Send Me a Revival and Let it Be in My Sunday School

Ever think about what a revival would look like if it started in your Sunday School class?  Why not, all the pieces are there right?  A group of believers, God’s Word, prayer, faith, and a real need for Jesus.  However, most of us have never seen a revival; you know where God’s power is so evident that it not only changes us, but the culture around us. 

Let’s look at seven aspects of revival in our Sunday School.  First, we must be revived.  Usually this means waking those lulled to sleep.  We must wake up.  Start praying for God to remove obstacles that are keeping us from being usable vessels for Him.  Take action to invite people to encounter Christ and connect with a life-changing Bible Study group. 

Next, are we enthusiastic about being involved with our Bible Study?  Can other tell we are excited and interested in meeting and serving with others in studying God’s Word?  Did you know that word enthusiasm means “in God”? 

Third, we need a vision.  Most of the time we plan what we want to do and then ask God to bless it.  Whose class is it, anyway?  What if we just position our classes to discover God’s Word, invite others to join us and focus on where God leads us? 

Fourth, are our classes inviting?  Are we open to visitors and do we intentionally seek to engage them to join our group?  Sometimes God send a visitor so He can use you to bless them, sometimes it’s the other way, and He uses them to bless you. 

Fifth, do we verify God’s working in our classes?  As God’s people we are in a unique position to see God do what only God can do.  Do we have open eyes so that we are aware of “God things”?  Or do we take the credit for what He does? 

Sixth, are we aligned with proven principles?  Our Sunday School should function on principles modeled by our Lord as He led people to discover God’s Word, to experience God, and connect with Kingdom work.  This method has stood the test of time. 

Last, but not least – Are leaders doing their work as unto the Lord?  Colossians 3:23 tells us “Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men.”  This should remind us who we serve.  Jesus never said we were responsible for the results only for completing our assignments.  We’re just lucky that we get to join Him. 

Are we ready…? Lord, send a revival!  And let it begin with me!




10.  Make sure your commitment to daily prayer is greater than the enemy’s desire to prevent you from growing. 

9.  Constantly demonstrate your love for people. 

8.  Pray with people, not just for them. 

7.  Contact people by visiting, calling, writing, and e-mailing. 

6.  Spend the necessary time preparing fresh, relevant, life-changing Bible lessons. 

5.  Make sure your room is the best it can be with the resources you have been given. 

4.  Mentor young leadership and teachers in your class. 

3.  Make yourself accountable. 

2.  Learn to laugh, celebrate, and have joy in and with your class. 

And finally… 



  June 2020  
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